Night Music

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Night Music is a crossover musical composition for chamber ensemble, combining Scriabin's mystical piano pieces with Zivkovic's haunting imagination and delicately written instrumentation. It was commissioned by Swedish Art Council (Kulturrådet) and was premiered in 2014 by the famous Parisian ensemble for new music l'Itineraire, conducted by Mathieu Romano.

  • Instrumentation:
  • Durata: 8'
  • Composed: 2014
  • Commission by: Kulturrådet for "Samtida Musik"
  • Premiere: 05 November 2014, Mathieu Romano conductor, Ensemble L’Itinéraire, in Stockholm - Kulturhuset, Sound of Stockholm 2014 Festival.
  • Published: Edition OCTOECHOS © 2014; Cat. No. 5115.
  • ISWC: T-922.088.090-0


Night Music is inspired by one of the most beautiful short piano compositions, written by Alexander Scriabin after 1900. Understanding that all ingenious music can have new layers added to it, I have used six pieces by Scriabin as the background to newly composed music, thus adding to Scriabin an absurd fantasy, estranged passion, exotic illusions... However, the piano should not be considered as the solo instrument, but as a distant sound, coming far remotely from the universe.

Work Comment

Creative thought and imagination are the building blocks of the world, much like the drops that make up the vast ocean. Each individual drop is a unique expression of creativity, just as the ocean is a masterpiece in itself. The ocean has the ability to create illusions, showcasing its drops in various hues. Interestingly, only one drop is needed to create a specific color, while the others are required to generate complementary shades. The colors in themselves are nothing without their counterparts. I have composed music that can be interpreted in multiple ways, akin to a crystal that can reflect various colors and lights.

By: Alexander Scriabin (from the "Notebooks")