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A moment from the score.

Alleluias is a duo for viola and piano commissioned by Musik i Syd, Musik Hallandia, Länsmusiken – Kalmar läns musikstiftelse and Musik i Blekinge. The work is dedicated to Malin Broman and Simon Crawford-Phillips who also made the first performance. The composition is written in 2021.

  • Instrumentation: vla./pno.
  • Composed: 2021
  • Durata: 12'
  • Premiere: Malin Broman and Simon Crawford-Phillips, 20 March 2022, at "Varbergs Teater", Varberg, Sweden.
  • Published: Edition OCTOECHOS © 2022; Cat. No. 5172.

Work Comment

"Alleluias" for viola and piano is commissioned for Malin Broman, the concertmaster of the Swedish Radio Orchestra, and the pianist Simon Crawford-Phillips for their spring-tour in the southern Sweden, year 2022. The work consists of several consecutive so called "alleluias", a short praise-movements, which are grouped into three general parts, fast-slow-fast movements. A great emphasis is laid on the repetitive fragments that enhance a ritualistic approach to the music, but also improvisation-like passages in the viola, reaching the culmination in the last minutes of the piece.


The composition doesn't refer to any particular "alleluia", however in the score there are inscribed hints, yet not playable instructions, with the words such as 'alleluia', 'amen', 'love' or 'rejoice', which are encoded into the music material in a particular way by the composer. The music follows strict rules of the Ancient Mode, including scales, harmonic progressions and voice leading. The composition is written in the Ancient Mode in G# of melodic genus.

Further usage

The piece was reused in Zivkovic's violin concerto Chandangel, written in 2021-23.