Support Djuro Zivkovic
by commissioning a work!

Commissions play a vital role for freelance composers in creating new works, whether by institutions or private entities. As a prospective patron, you have the opportunity to support Djuro Zivkovic’s music by commissioning compositions of varying scale, from solo works to chamber music, choral works, stage or opera, and symphonic works.

There are many benefits of being a patron or the composer’s benefactor who commissions works:

  • your commissioned work will be
    dedicated to you,

  • you will receive the full
    hand-written original score and

  • you will be invited for
    premiere of the work sitting next to the composer.

  • You will also be able to follow
    the commissioned work in its progress and

  • you will also be able to meet the composer and discuss the

One does not require musical expertise or professional experience in order to discuss a commission. If one has a passion for the arts, particularly music, and admires Djuro Zivkovic’s unique soundscapes and artistic vision, commissioning his work presents a remarkable opportunity to become an art investor. To initiate a conversation, please refer to the CONTACT PAGE for further information.